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The world needs carbon markets in a large, transparent, verifiable, and environmentally robust way, and the Southern Hemisphere is where there is the largest potential for regenerative, nature-based solutions.

Although the market is fragmented and complex, MyCarbon believes it can address these problems by developing and procuring high quality carbon projects, audited and certified by the most reliable entities within the sector.

MyCarbon builds on the reach and know-how of Minerva Foods, a leading company in sustainability in the food sector in South America.

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What we do

Our ambition is to accelerate climate neutrality through market mechanisms, providing expertise to value native vegetation and encourage reforestation, as well as carbon fixation in the soil, rewarding farmers for their contribution to nature preservation.

We intend to support companies to meet their goals for neutralizing greenhouse-gas emissions through carbon offsets, in a transparent, reliable and sustainable way.

Our mission is to develop and trade carbon credits in accordance with international standards, creating financial opportunities for nature preservation, accelerating climate action and fostering a low carbon future.

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Companies have been pursuing net zero goals, in accordance with the 1,5°C Paris Agreement threshold. Voluntary carbon markets are an important instrument for achieving that objective. MyCarbon is equipped to support businesses in succeeding with their decarbonization pathway, as part of broader ESG strategies.

We have been working with farmers and technical partners to develop a remote sensing platform in which it will be possible to calculate the carbon balance of farms and estimate their carbon potential, in accordance with leading methodologies.

At MyCarbon we support farmers, in partnership with Minerva Foods´ Renove Program, to pursue best agricultural practices, contributing to efficient use of natural resources and low-carbon production.

We seek to develop, source and trade high quality carbon credits from projects within South American forestry, land use, agriculture and renewable energy initiatives.

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